The medical employer, Cavit Demir, who is chairman of the Private Cagsu hospital and Private Fatma Hatun hospital, made the circumcision to Civil engineer Aydın Akbayrak’s son, who contributed to building to additional service buildings.

Tam Gıda and Atak Building companies owner, prominent businessman, Aydın Akbayrak’s son Hakan circumcision at the Private Cagsu Hospital.

Cavit Demir who is chairman of the Private Cagsu Hospital,made a surprise and joined the circumcision with urologist Ahmet Çalışkan. He got compliment from surgery team.

Mr. Demir specified that he standed by for this happy days to Aydın-Türkan couple and he was happy.

 Mr. Demir specified Akbayrak have an important place for him. And he said he helped to bring 7 stars hospital in Bolu. Through his foresight, Bolu met a 7 stars hospital. For thanked him, i join his son’s sunnah.

On the other side, he thanked the Feridun Yılmaz who supported to start the new service building.


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