Feast of Medicine was celebrated ın Private Cagsu and Fatma Hatun Hospitals. The Chairman of the Board Cavit Demir, all staff and all doctors  joined the celebrations.

At the celebration ceremony, in Private Cagsu Hospital, Chairman Of The Private Cagsu Hospital Cavit Demir made a speech.

Our new building is ready. Next year, the number of doctors will increase around %30. We will grow further with different staff. I offer my best wishes to you all.

Private Cagsu Hospital’s internal medicine specialist Necati Çatakoğlu m.d., talked about something like that;

I was so happy to be a doctor. My basic philosophy is helping the people after the god like our brother. A doctor must be a man who drews  the happines picture and gives the happines and health to people. Physicians are seeing right before everything, that is correct, and no way to injustice, head tilt is human to non-compliance, Govern you may have achieved are very easy to win, but it may have come to a very friendly place where you have no one you can afford, you can come anywhere, but you can not go to the places where they are on. I hope you never lose your dignity in this profession and I hope always to help people in your house if your fire. First of all, I wish you to make 

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