Private Cagsu Hospital’s general surgery specialist, Fatih Kar m.d., made a successfully surgery. Whereby,  the   patient who is name is Mehtap Duman, lost 17 kgs.

She talked about something like that to our newspaper;

I decided to be operated at october and i had an surgery at 6 January. Before surgery i was 117 kgs and after surgery i lost 17 kgs. Now i am 100 kgs. But after surgery, life style and eating habits are  so important, in the begining I was fed with liquid food, i started to eat vegetables yet. Next week i will star to eat solid food.

She said; i wasn’t living before, I was asthmatic patients, I had a herniated disc. And now while i lose my weight, there is no asthmatic problems and I'll get rid of my back pain.

My goal is to drop 70 kgs but my doctor says 60 kgs. Sport is so important for lose weight. Before the surgery, I could not get enough but now I had full and I get up from the table quickly genius. I  began to fell like a new life. I would recommend this surgery in patients with overweight like me, she said. 

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