From Private Cagsu Hospita’s doctor’s, internal medicine specialist, Necati Çatakoğlu, m.d., said that influenza virüs was lethal, mustn’t have been swine flu virüs.

Nowadays everybody has got a lot of symptom like sneezing, cough  and runny nose…he said we must understand what is that. In ınfluenza, there are heat and widespread muscle pain. There are one or two event, we can understand with blood test. As determined in Düzce serological test H1N1 or H2N3 as they are said to be back in Europe, the definitive diagnosis can be made by blood tests.

Mr. Çatakoğlu said there is no event in Bolu. This event start with sneezing and coughing begins, throat and becomes a headache, and lowers the bed. This patients become shabby and run-down so much.


They work together with the Health Department on suspected infectious diseases in the city, yet it is not such a case, but of showing symptoms should contact the hospital, he said.

Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Necati Çatakoğlu said finally are saying that there is no need to panic;

“In particular, it was very speculative things in the world and Turkey. Swine flu was very hurt by the budget of the country. Already flu, especially in people with underlying disease, diabetes, kidney disease, a disease that is fairly common and poorly characterized, especially in people with lung disease with heart disease. Influenza virus is lethal alone we not only have to be swine flu. But lately there is a type that when we examine the structure of the H1N1 virus. One type currently disappeared after a certain time. Finally, especially in Europe is said to be H2N3. Proven in Turkey, I have not seen many cases published. I do not think it's particularly around Bolu. Only the medical school in Düzce have described as a suspected H1N1 cases. No need to panic, there is certainly therapeutic drugs may take measures in this regard and our situation. "


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