Private Cagsu Hospital’s doctor, Otolaryngologist Abuzer Kaylan said tonsil and adenoid problems come up at the nursery period of 4-6 years.

Kaylan explained about tonsil and adenoid problems are the most common in the child. Its solution is surgery.

He attracted attention this there are two entrance in human body, mouth and nose. And here is a sentinel, tonsils.

Out of the incoming air must be cleaned from germ before go to lower respiatory track  and lungs. Kaylan said tonsil and adenoid firstly air comes from ambient to body. After that they allow air to go lungs and down side. Shortly, we can say cehcking guard in our throat and mouth about tonsil and androids.

Here are tonsil and adenoid every child. And tonsil is so helpful organ in body. But sometimes when child breath poor quality air, tonsil and adenoids can grow up. This, some times must be taken an little surgery.

Questions which patients ask often thatwhen must be done this operationin. But there is no time about the age that surgery must be done. The surgery must be neccessary.If there are some stuation like tonsil swell-up 4 or 6 times in a year,tonsils and adenoids block the taking air or eating something, a little surgery must be necessary. And contrary popular belief, surgery of the tonsils is not a bad fort he human body.

Kaylan spoke about the adenoids damage. People who has got adenoids,in future times, there can be some problems about facial medium bone growth cause of nasal respiratory failure. There ar ea lot of problems about adenoids like tonsil swell-up 4 or 6 times in a year,tonsils and adenoids block the taking air or eating something, eating habits, at the nursery pariod difrent enviroments… Quality of life increases, problems come up than less. And than the dentist must work with the Otolaryngologistabout the intervention in the teeth. Because, if there are some problems about the adenoids, though, the dentist make braces, it is not be usefull.

Here is teh most important thing to increase salivation. Because it is a good secretion for kills germ, wound healing, reduce pain. If you feed the people for increase the salivation, it will be fast and painless. 

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