From Private Cagsu Hospital’s Doctor’s, internal medicine specialist, Necati Çatakoğlu warned about mers virüs people who goes pilgrimage.

MERS virus is a respiratory disease that is a kind seen in the Middle East. I would like to give you some information about what is before him the MERS virus.

Internal medicine specialist, Necati Çatakoğlu m.d., talked about Middle East respiratory distress syndrome. It is a viral respiratory disease, the causative agent is enveloped said single positive RNA strand medium-sized corona virus that occurs by viruses, he said.

Doctor stating that he did not know came from the active disease, probably said it came from animals. In addition, Qatar, Oman, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have seen here and has appeared in the camel.

He continued; this is the pilgrimage season and the patients who are pulmonary disease, diabetic, heart disease etc., must be carefull about mers virüs. They mustn’t do this visit. Because, there were faced with many fatal cases. In Saudi Arabia, there is so dangerous about mers virüs. I would like our people especially it. In which people from the elderly and Umrah, cough, fever, head pounding doctor if any of these patients malaise, and their relatives went to visit them away and said I would advise to wear a mask, he said. 

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