Private Cagsu Hospital’s Doctor Fatih Kar continues to make a difference.

After the treatment of Botox Anal Fissure, Crystallized phenol treatment is done instead of treatment pilonidal sinüs surgery. M.d. Fatih Kar explained the surgery.

Crystallized phenol treatment is the one of the most accurate treatment at ingrown. In the past, here is some of the side effect with liquid phenol in the treatment. Because of Crystallized phenol treatment is better than liquid phenol treatment. Before the treatment, we want from patient that patient must  remove the hair. And with the naturel soap, coccyx must be washed.

It can be made local or regional anesthesia. After anesthesia, hairs are burned crystallized phenol present in the sinus cavities and then to be cleaned thoroughly with a clamp.  We choose this treatment generally.

There is no pain. Patient is gone house and wanted to have a bath at morning. Course of these are spesific surgery, they must be explained clearly. And patient must be trained. 

Crystallized phenol treatment is a easy and inexpensive application. There is low risk to repeating the problem. If there is a problem again, we offer the surgery to patient. Phenol application should be the first treatment for all types of pilonidal sinus.

This aplication is applied in our hospital succesfully. And it continues for ten minutes. The success rate is over 90% in many medical publications. Patients who suffer from this problem, he said absolutely, we recommend this method.

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