Dermatology and Dermatocosmetology

Skin, hair and nail disease are examined, followed-up and treated by modern technological methods in our dermatology department. 

Some diseases followed-up in our hospital are as follows: Psoriasis (cutaneous disease), mycetes, eczema, disease with pruritus, nail disease, acne (pustule), warts and verrukas treatment, cauterization, eryotheraphy, spot treatment,and ozone treatment.

Dermatocosmetological interventios are performed in paralel with medical therapies
Dermatocosmetology is one of the areas of medical practice and deals with problems of skin diseases and cosmetic deficiencies. Health and beauty skin - is not only good looks, but also evidence of the normal operation of the internal organs. 

Dermatocosmetology helps solve many problems, such as ; laser epilation (hair remover ), botox, filling, cavitation, aging skin, therapeutic massage, masks and cellulite treatment.

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